HomeHarmony Interior Design Studio


HomeHarmony is an interior design studio offering personalized design solutions for residential and commercial spaces.


HomeHarmony aimed to increase client inquiries, showcase their portfolio of design projects, and establish themselves as a reputable interior design firm in the region.


We redesigned their website with a focus on showcasing their portfolio of design projects, optimized their Google My Business listing for local SEO, launched targeted social media campaigns highlighting their design expertise, and implemented email marketing automation to nurture leads.


HomeHarmony witnessed a 40% increase in client inquiries, accompanied by positive feedback and referrals from satisfied clients. Moreover, their brand gained prominence in the local design community, leading to an expansion of their client base and project portfolio.


Through our tailored digital solutions catering to the interior design industry, HomeHarmony achieved significant growth in client inquiries and brand recognition, establishing themselves as a reputable interior design firm known for their personalized design solutions.


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