ArtisanAroma Candles


ArtisanAroma Candles is a boutique candle shop offering handcrafted, artisanal candles.


ArtisanAroma aimed to increase online visibility, attract more customers to its eCommerce platform, and boost sales of its unique candle collections.


We revamped their website design to reflect the brand’s artisanal appeal, implemented SEO strategies to improve search engine rankings, and launched targeted Google Ads campaigns to reach potential customers interested in luxury candles.


ArtisanAroma witnessed a 45% increase in online sales, accompanied by a significant rise in website traffic driven by organic search and paid advertising. Moreover, their brand gained recognition among candle enthusiasts, leading to a surge in customer inquiries and social media engagement.


By leveraging our digital solutions tailored for boutique businesses, ArtisanAroma Candles achieved substantial growth in sales and brand recognition, establishing itself as a preferred destination for artisanal candle aficionados.


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